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 Last Week, time to shine!

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PostSubject: Last Week, time to shine!   Tue Aug 19, 2008 12:27 am

We are now at the final week of W3BL Season 1, as well as the last week we are accepting applications for season 2. The standings are ridiculously tied up, as all the points are so close together. Anyone but Usa Flag s2n could make the playoffs at this point. Just when things were looking clear for playoffs some players stepped it up hard, and showed their true colours.

Sponsorship Announcment - Full Tilt Poker has given us an offer we cant deny, as i finally got ahold of them we have decided to cooperate with the fastest growing poker site in the world. We will be getting prizes donated to us for season 2, that will include cash money and account son FT etc.

End season report:

Usa Flag Knights of Cydonia - Newly formed team, with many experienced players joined W3BL in week 2 replacing AFoS. Looks to quickly make a name for them selves they have only dropped 2 wars this season 3-4 and 2-4. Lead by the outstanding Human icon Ephemeral, backed by Night Elf icon Revelations this team has shown its skill. Finishing week 8, they showed they could do with out those 2 finishing off Taiwan Army 4-2 lead by Orc icon Etaphraven and Human icon MinM.

Usa Flag FTSE Gaming - Although losing :bulL: Night Elf icon LeNNoN, this team has still proven to be worth it in this league. Tied with KoC in standings at 6-2, this team has many weapons from a more larger roster. Recently proving themselves with players such as Orc icon GonewiththeWind and Undead icon MarkAustin this team is sure to be a threat.

Taiwan Army eSports - Army started the season off strong going 4-0, only to drop 1-3 in the second half of the season. Still having atleast 3 players in the top 7 all season this team can play with anyone, lead by Singapore Orc icon Revenant :tA: Orc icon Suncake and Taiwan Random icon Freedom.

Russia Hostile Faction.quad Damage - The russian sensation of hFqD have prove to be more inconsistent this season. Although having players such as Usa Flag Human icon Acidrain and Germany Orc icon Sasori they still havent kept the best record. Although, 3 of the 5 wins are 4-0'swith their losses being close except 1. This team can sure be a threat with players such as newley added Usa Flag Human icon Cumulo.

Venezuela Deportes Electronicos - DE played the season out strong, only recently deisbanning for a reason still unknown. Having strong players such as Peru Orc icon DanGer and Usa Flag hu: Cumulo this team scrapped out some wins thought to be impossible. Since Europe inG was kicked, this team will finish the season 5-4 and we thank them for their time.

Singapore Xtreme Chaotix - XTC, considered to be once a top NA team, has shown inactive of recent. Even with all the critics and flames this team STILL has shown to be a great threat and have much much talent on the squad. Being lead this season by players Usa Flag Human icon NamhciR and Canada Flag Orc icon Grom this team has shown results winning 5 of the last 6 after starting 0-2.

Usa Flag Rio Grande Valley - The cinderella story of this season, at a 3-5 record still can easily make playoffs. Showing a lot of skill being lead by th upcomming :us Night Elf icon Sushi, this team can pose a threat to anyone. Although they have a losing record, they have the power to shock anyone in the league.

Singapore Sinister Gaming - Just as Army, SiN started off very strong with a 4-1 record being the one to give Army their frist loss. A VERY hard team to schedule with doesnt affect their playing as Singapore Orc icon Ashkane and Singapore Undead icon Nickt both has shown they can beat anyone if they try their hardest. Both with a lot of skill, a sure team to show results.

Usa Flag Second 2 None - Their name says it all. Being in 2nd to last place, this team still never gives up. Built upon friendship, this team has it all with a great manager, and awsome players.

Week 8 Matches -
Usa Flag FTSE Gaming FTSE -vs- BYE
Russia Hostile Faction.qD hF.qD 4-0 Venezuela Deportes Electronicos DE
Taiwan God's Army Army 2-4 Usa Flag Knights of Cydonia KoC
Singapore Xtreme Chaotix XTC 4-2 Usa Flag Rio Grande Valley RGV
Usa Flag Second 2 None s2n -vs- Singapore Sinister Gaming SiN

Week 9 Matches -
Venezuela Deportes Electronicos DE -vs- BYE
Usa Flag Knights of Cydonia KoC -vs- Usa Flag FTSE Gaming FTSE
Russia Hostile Faction.qD hF.qD -vs- Usa Flag Rio Grande Valley RGV
Taiwan God's Army Army -vs- Usa Flag Second 2 None s2n
Singapore Xtreme Chaotix XTC -vs- Singapore Sinister Gaming SiN

Starting Map - Echo Isles

Makeup Matches -
W8 - Usa Flag Second 2 None s2n -vs- Singapore Sinister Gaming SiN

All lineups must be sent to W3BLEAGUE@GMAIL.COM and all replays must be uploaded in our replay database, thanks.
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PostSubject: Re: Last Week, time to shine!   Sat Aug 23, 2008 12:33 am

Army vs S2N at Sunday 10PM EST
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Last Week, time to shine!
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