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PostSubject: W3BL IS BACK   Sun Mar 01, 2009 5:15 pm

We mentioned in the past about a new site, but we feel that we can't complete it since it's keep getting hacked every time we try another attempt. We will be staying in this site. One another news some people probably heard that NGGL might be merging with WGS but we will not be doing so, because of the high demands of that league. One of our administrator will be pick up one of the dead league called W3BL. We will be also starting a Solo Tournament Cup that'll be based on double elimination of 8 players. 2 will be accepted by seedings of the admins, 2 will be accepted by public votes and finally 4 will accepted through single elimination qualification.

Now for the biggest news is, since we are doing so much changes in NGGL we decided to give the whole league a new look with a new name. Since NGGL will be running 3 leagues we also decided to get a orga name. Here are the new names.

Orga- Professional Gaming Series - Owned by Dronzer
NGGL- Elite Gaming League - Run by administrators with Zephyr in the head
W3BL- Professional Gaming League - Run by administrators with Shinta in the head
Cup- Professional Gaming Cup - Run by administrators with Dronzer in the head

If there are any questions, please do not haste to contact the following head admin for the following leagues and cup.
NGGL will not be resetting it's season qualification due to this, it will still be in progress! W3BL will be starting it's qualifiers soon. The Cup I will release more details on it soon.

(The new url is www.PGSeries.co.nr)

gl hf

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