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 FTSE Gaming [FTSE]

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PostSubject: FTSE Gaming [FTSE]   Mon Jun 02, 2008 2:12 pm

Clan Name: Team FTSE [FTSE]
Site: www.clanftse.com
Country: International International


Contact Information:
Head Manager: Catherine Stowell
Email: catherine.stowell@zen.co.uk
MSN: molemoleymole@hotmail.com

Back-up Manager: Russell Lindell
Email: russell_lindell@yahoo.com
MSN: russell_lindell@yahoo.com


Week 1: Usa Flag FTSE [1:4] Russia Fair
Week 2: Usa Flag FTSE [1:4] Taiwan eAa

Week 3: Usa Flag FTSE [0:4] Serbia HDx
Week 4: Usa Flag FTSE [3:4] Usa Flag KoC
Week 5: Usa Flag FTSE [0:0] Singapore xtc
Week 6: Usa Flag FTSE [0:0]
Week 7: Usa Flag FTSE [0:0]
Week 8: Usa Flag FTSE [0:0]
Week 9: Usa Flag FTSE [0:0]
Week 10: Usa Flag FTSE [0:0]
Week 11: Usa Flag FTSE [0:0]


Korea Human icon I_LOVE_TWINS
Korea Human icon FTSE)actually
Korea Orc icon FTSE)shabbi
Usa Flag Orc icon Gonewiththewind
Usa Flag Orc icon Gi.Sunkist
Serbia Orc icon TROOPS
Usa Flag Orc icon ftse100
Portugual Orc icon ftse)Rugrat
Singapore Orc icon Recoil
Russia Undead icon Cloverfield.
Usa Flag Undead icon NOOBLARonDEMAND
Usa Flag Night Elf icon FettsVette
Usa Flag Night Elf icon Go)Dizzy
Russia Night Elf icon ftse)Andrey
Russia Orc icon ftse)Hammer
Usa Flag Night Elf icon FTSE)BarackObama

Penalty Points:

Week 5: 0.5pp for playing out of the week

Subcards: 3


Jokers: 1
-Week 1 : International FTSE jokers in Russia Undead icon Cloverfield. for Usa Flag Night Elf icon FettsVette
-Week 2 : International FTSE jokers in Usa Flag Night Elf icon FettsVette for Singapore Orc icon Recoil

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FTSE Gaming [FTSE]
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