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 ThE eZ LyFe [zL]

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PostSubject: ThE eZ LyFe [zL]   Mon Jun 02, 2008 2:36 pm

Team Name and Tag: ThE eZ LyFe (zL)
Country: International International
Website: www.ClanzL.com

Head Manager
Name: Chris (Revenge.zL / Revenge[zL])
Email: Revengefulhuman@hotmail.com
MSN: Revengefulhuman@hotmail.com
AIM: xxChessFreekxx
xFire: xxWarCraftxx
Best Way to Contact: MSN, But easily contacted all ways

Assistant Manager
Name: Jake (ForFamily / Hishii[zL])
Email: Smitty_Special@hotmail.com
MSN: Smitty_Special@hotmail.com
Best Way to Contact: Email

Usa Flag Human icon Arman[zL]
New Zealand Human icon Xypher[zL]
Usa Flag Human icon Revenge[zL]
Usa Flag Orc icon NatO[zL]
Usa Flag Orc icon Xarbust[zL]
Usa Flag Night Elf icon Falco[zL]
New Zealand Night Elf icon GoSu4U[zL]
Usa Flag Night Elf icon NPK[zL]
Usa Flag Night Elf icon SneakySam[zL]
New Zealand Night Elf icon BuMpTiMe[zL]
New Zealand Undead icon SaySo[zL]
Usa Flag Undead icon YuZu[zL]
New Zealand Random icon HiShii[zL]
Usa Flag Random icon ViCe[zL]

Penalty Points:
Subcards: 3
Jokers: 3
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ThE eZ LyFe [zL]
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