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 Certified Gamerz [cGz]

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PostSubject: Certified Gamerz [cGz]   Mon Jun 02, 2008 2:42 pm

Clan Name: Certified Gamerz [cGz]
Site: http://www.clancgz.co.nr
Country: USA Usa Flag

Contact Information:
Head Manager: Jay C. / cGz.Blue
Email: jconcepcionz32@sbcglobal.net
MSN: jaylbconcepcion@hotmail.com
AIM: JConcepTTZion
IRC: cGz|Blue #cGz Quakenet

Sub Manager: Amy Wolfcry / cGz.LMG
Email: amyesplain@msn.com
MSN: amyesplain@msn.com

Sub Manager: Robert Auschwitz / cGz.Cumshots
Email: robbyack2000@yahoo.com
AIM: cryptcougar


Week 1: Usa Flag cGz [2:4] Taiwan eAa
Week 2: Usa Flag cGz [3:4] Russia Fair

Week 3: Usa Flag cGz [1:4] Bulgaria MD-Wc3
Week 4: Usa Flag cGz [0:4] Singapore XTC
Week 5: Usa Flag cGz [0:4] Usa Flag KoC
Week 6: Usa Flag cGz [0:0] RestWeek
Week 7: Usa Flag cGz [0:0]
Week 8: Usa Flag cGz [0:0]
Week 9: Usa Flag cGz [0:0]
Week 10: Usa Flag cGz [0:0]
Week 11: Usa Flag cGz [0:0]


Usa Flag Random icon cGz.SiLeNT / cGz.SiLeNT
China Human icon cGz.NeB / nchen231
Usa Flag Human icon cGz.SD / brybear
Usa Flag Orc icon cGz.Jace / cGz.Jace
Usa Flag Orc icon cGz.nAked / cGz.nAked
Usa Flag Orc icon cGz.Perfect / cGz.Perfect
Usa Flag Undead icon cGz.Anxiety / cGz.Anxiety
Usa Flag Undead icon cGz.Blue / cGz.Blue
Canada Flag Undead icon cGz.Beta / iLaG
Usa Flag Undead icon cGz.Cumshots / cGz.Cumshots
Usa Flag Night Elf icon cGz.LMG / cGz.LMG


Penalty Points: 00


Subcards: 3


Jokers: 1
-Week 2: Usa Flag cGz jokers in Usa Flag Undead icon cGz.Meta for Usa Flag Undead icon Anxiety
-Week 5: Usa Flag Certified Gamerz vs 0 Usa Flag 4 Knights of Cydonia *onejokercardfrom cGz*

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PostSubject: Re: Certified Gamerz [cGz]   Thu Oct 02, 2008 1:28 am


Name (Bnet / GGc): Jesse (cGz.Blicero / Blicero)
Email: jesse.w.black@gmail.com
MSN: blicero_@hotmail.com
AIM: masteroflemmings
Best Way to Contact: MSN

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Certified Gamerz [cGz]
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