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 S1 : Player Statistics

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PostSubject: S1 : Player Statistics   Sat Jul 05, 2008 2:08 am

Usa Flag Human icon xTc.ss.NamhciR 10-1
Usa Flag Orc icon GoneWithTheWind 10-2
Usa Flag Human icon Ephemeral.oC 10-3
Ukraine Human icon hF.qD|Snake 8-0
Usa Flag Night Elf icon RGV_Sushi 11-8
Singapore Orc icon SiN[AshKane] 7-4
Singapore Undead icon SiN[NickT] 7-4
Canada Flag Orc icon xTc.ss.Grom 6-3
Russia Night Elf icon inGamingVoland 5-2
Peru Night Elf icon DE.Shiru 5-2
Taiwan Orc icon Suncake[Army] 6-4
Belgium Night Elf icon LeNNoN4-1
Slovakia Night Elf icon AFoS-Amater 3-0
Russia Undead icon BaraBata[FTSE] 2-0
Usa Flag Human icon MinM.oC 2-0
Canada Flag Undead icon hF.qD|Deuce 4-2
Usa Flag Orc icon Sunkist[FTSE]4-2
Usa Flag Human icon hF.qD|aCidRain! 3-1
Russia Undead icon hF.qD|Zerg 3-1
Usa Flag Night Elf icon hF.qD|Peach 3-1
Taiwan Orc icon Freedom[Army] 7-6
Usa Flag Human icon hF.qD|Cumulo 4-3
Peru Orc icon DE.DanGeR 4-3
Russia Orc icon inGamingTry 2-1
Canada Flag Orc icon RGV_Jungle 2-1
Usa Flag Orc icon Etaphraven.oC 2-1
Russia Undead icon CloverField[FTSE] 2-1
United Kingdom Random icon TomatoMilkshake 2-1
Venezuela Human icon DE.Alexito 6-6
Singapore Orc icon Revenant[Army] 5-5
China Undead icon RGV_Tyn 4-4
Usa Flag Human icon xTc.ss.MeiLynN 3-3
Usa Flag Undead icon nL.oC 3-3
Taiwan Night Elf icon Badderken[Army] 2-2
China Orc icon hF.qD|SoniK 2-2
Usa Flag Orc icon Shear[s2n] 2-2
United Kingdom Orc icon HaZ4Rd 2-2
Usa Flag Undead icon xTc.ss.Sonic 2-2
Canada Flag Night Elf icon xTc.ss.HasuElf 1-1
South Africa Human icon ReaVeR 1-1
Venezuela Night Elf icon DE.xiU 1-1
Brazil Orc icon Imbecil 1-1
Singapore Undead icon SiN[PinKLy] 1-1
Usa Flag Night Elf icon Revelations.oC 5-6
Brazil Night Elf icon Quickkkie.oC 2-3
Venezuela Night Elf icon DE.Rottereye 2-4
Usa Flag Night Elf icon RGV_Ni9Ne 2-5
Taiwan Orc icon Ichor[Army] 1-2
Venezuela Night Elf icon DE.Wookie- 1-2
Canada Flag Night Elf icon hF.qD|Ph[e]nom 1-2
Singapore Undead icon SiN[Summoner] 1-2
Singapore Orc icon SiN[Tagan] 1-2
Usa Flag Human icon SsM[s2n] 2-5
Usa Flag Human icon xTc.ss.PriesT 1-3
Usa Flag Undead icon Rheagal[s2n] 1-3
Russia Undead icon inGamingSer 1-3
Usa Flag Night Elf icon Fettsvette[FTSE] 1-4
Usa Flag Undead icon MarAustin[FTSE] 1-4
Venezuela Night Elf icon hF.qD|NeverMind 1-4
Usa Flag Human icon Equity.oC 0-1
Singapore Undead icon SiN[Vello] 0-1
Russia Undead icon frmRUSSIAwthLUV 0-1
Australia Night Elf icon xTc.ss.Ors 0-1
Singapore Undead icon SiN[Pin] 0-1
Taiwan Orc icon Wins[Army] 0-1
Germany Orc icon hF.qD|SaSori 0-1
Usa Flag Human icon Ecliptic.Sun 0-1
Canada Flag Undead icon xTc.ss.Aevum 0-1
Usa Flag Orc icon RGV_Uchem 0-1
Usa Flag Undead icon Crimson.FTSE 0-1
Usa Flag Undead icon Edgehead[s2n] 0-1
Usa Flag Undead icon RGV_LuV 0-1
Usa Flag Human icon RGV_XdrR 0-1
Usa Flag Undead icon RoD[s2n] 0-1
Taiwan Orc icon Warcaesar[Army] 0-1
Ukraine Human icon inGamingCrazy 0-1
Korea Undead icon hF.qD|Vestige 0-1
Canada Flag Undead icon hF.qD|Deuce 4-2
:swe: Night Elf icon sHaKe[s2n] 0-2
Venezuela Orc icon DE.hirobomb 0-2
Usa Flag Orc icon Bangerr[s2n] 0-2
Usa Flag Orc icon RGV_kevin 0-3
Usa Flag Human icon WaZ.oC 0-3
Usa Flag Night Elf icon LipSlide[s2n] 0-3

Updated as of August 23rd**
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S1 : Player Statistics
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